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About Lor’Avvu

{AUamY Cax!}

Greetings, and I’d like to say “ah-WAH-muh shaw” to you, followed by a smack noise (made by kissing the air). This is how you pronounce “welcome!” in the above transcribed Old Lore, a language of Kaian. I am your guide and translator in this world, but I will mostly get out of the way and let the pictures do the talking.

It’s a comic
The main story is told in the form of a weekly comic strip (updated every Tuesday). Parts of the story contain adult themes, strong language and non-gratuitous graphic imagery of sexual and violent scenes, and is intended for mature readers only.

You can interact with it
Clues about the world of Kaian are hidden throughout the story, typically but not always marked with a symbol in the entry notes that looks like this:

Mini Clue Leaf

You are invited to collect the linked files, play with them and use them, along with Avvu and help zem on zer quest to create peace on Kaian. At critical points, you — the audience — may be asked to make an intuitive decision for the protagonists that will change how the story is experienced by all other readers. You can obviously ignore these if you prefer.

Enjoy the sights, sound & music
Each chapter is punctuated by an animation integral to the story. These videos feature the music of a local artist or group, whose creative opus outside the story you are definitely invited to explore. (Acts involved so far include members of: Dalmatian Toadflax, Compost Sleeping Bag, Fygar, The Social Service, and Type 2 B Only)

NOTE: The first animation is not yet done and is now in production.

The authors and artists involved would like to express that we hope you enjoy exploring Kaian with us. A great deal of love and effort is being shared by the faerie world at no profit for its interpreters, except the pure pleasure of celebrating creativity. If you like the project, awesome! If you like it and want to give back, consider supporting the musicians by purchasing their albums (linked from the video entries). If you love it, give to someone in need.

To know more about the talent behind the scenes, watch the CAST page for an evolving list of credits. To learn the languages of Kaian, read the LANGUAGE page, and for a deeper look at the main setting of the story, view the WORLD page, which also includes a ‘magically’ changing map.

Thank you so much!

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