Commune. 88 pages. Black and White. Tall format.

A science fiction story about growing up as a member of the human race; it takes place on a starship, shortly after a disaster has torn apart the families aboard. A small party of children must discover what their world means to them, now that the adults have gone missing ...

The conclusion surprised me, even as I was drawing the 1000th panel.

A poetic introduction written by Vincent Stall starts the book.



*I chose the added expense of printing on 100% recycled paper using vegetable based inks. The heavy pallet was shipped to me using a carbon-neutral program. This makes it the first "zero impact" comic book ever printed (see eco-journalism coverage below). In celebration, I will ship the book for free if you are in the United States.

Tall skinny wall poster
Do you like it? It is printed on a beautiful,
blue recycled paper with star speckles.

The book and the poster cost less when
bought together

Some Reviews:

"Really, really good writing!"
-Gene Ha, Comic Artist (Top Ten, JLA, Captain America)

-Ted Anderson,Writer (My Little Pony)

"You drew this? ... Dyyaaaaaaaaaaang."
-Comics Enthusiast, age 12 (transliterated)

I also wrote a statement about Commune's sustainability after publishing.

All art is © 2006-2009 Maxeem Konrardy