I love working on my quirky art, but I especially hope to impart genuine appreciation for people. Hopefully, they will share some things they’ve learned and we will all gain knowledge to save humanity.

Episode format:

1. Episode Introduction
2. Guest interview around the “7 Questions to Save Humanity”
3. Music Review

If you enjoy what I do, consider becoming a patron! My page is: patreon.com/maxeem. Thank you for checking out my podcast about living breathing cultural shifts through the great song of living together. My name is Maxeem and I have traveled through cities, towns, intentional community, ecovillages, communes, cohousing and co-ops for 7 years, feeling music and other art as great inspiration and motivation for asking what community means in today’s world.

My basic rig is like this:

Single-setting Blue Snowball mic plugged into laptop plugged into electrical outlet, recorded in the free recording program Audacity

For some bonus content check out my oldie-but-goodie bicycle adventure blog from 2014: http://www.maxeem.com/community/

Interviews with people in community together and reviews of art from a pro-people perspective