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Episode 15: The Heart Makes Our Way

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Length: 50 minutes 41 seconds

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Guest: Gopi

Song review: “Dil Se Re” and “Bombay Theme” by A. R. Rahman

In which we hear a scientist answer Seven Questions to Save Humanity, and help us with a really good revision to question three:

Q1. Where do your name and sense of identity come from?

Q2. What does being human mean to you?

Q3. Have you ever had a [metaphysical/paranormal] change in your perception of reality? What inspires wonder in you?

Q4. What is the best way we can honor life?

Q5. What does Community mean to you?

Q6. What projects or collaborations are you presently most excited about?

Q7. How can we all realize more human happiness together?

Learn about the great musician A. R. Rahman!