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Episode 8: The Journey Party

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Length: 42 minutes 52 seconds

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Guest: Cam

Artist reviews: Lemon Demon (album “View-Monster” and solo album “Mouth Moods”) & Rival Consoles (“Persona”)

In which we meet Cam, hear a bit about their life while positing the present version of the Seven (or so) Questions to Save Humanity:

Q1. Where does your name come from?

Q2. What does being human mean to you?

Q3. How else would you care to describe your experience on Earth?

Q4. What is the best way to care for the Earth?

Q5. What does “community” mean to you?

Q6. What projects or collaborations are you presently most excited about?

Q7. How can we all realize more human happiness together?

… plus Cam’s question for the next guest: Can you describe your secret wunderbar life?

Support the music | Lemon Demon (Neil Cicierega) and Rival Consoles (Ryan Lee West)