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Episode 13: The Bohemian Life Continues

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Length: 38 minutes 13 seconds

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Guest: Avi

Song review: “La Vie Bohème A” and “B” by Jonathan Larson (from the musical Rent)

In which we hear Avi answer Seven Questions to Save Humanity:

Q1. Tell us about yourself, maybe? Where do your name and sense of identity come from?

Q2. What does being human mean to you?

Q3. Have you ever had a change in your perception of reality?

Q4. What is the best way we can honor life?

Q5. What does Community mean to you?

Q6. What projects or collaborations are you presently most excited about?

Q7. How can we all realize more human happiness together?

… plus, Avi’s answer to Vic’s question: What’s the difference between giving up and letting go?

Show Notes

To reach out to Avi and Sky about their project, please mention “I Like People #13” in the body or subject line and write to:

Avi Kruley: avi.kruley [[ at ]] presidio.edu
Sky Blue: sky [[ at ]] ic.org

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