An anonymous soother accidentally uses the formal title for lores (Loræ) instead of males (Dziiræ) when trying to calm Ilon’s father off-panel. For future reference, the title for females is Faræ. Hence Lor’Avvu is like a gender-neutral way of spelling Mister/Sir Avvu, but without connotations of nobility.

inchmi (EENCH-mee-EH)
NAL slang for the prick of a bee’s stinger (formally, inchmis from Old Lore). Here, essentially, “prick”.

Children are known to sometimes ‘see through the veil’ before their senses adjust to Kaian life. Here we have Sonia and Ilon as children, meeting each other in a Pærthian gathering. They may each only come to remember seeing one another’s auras at some party full of adults.

Oh, spoilers, possibly. Not really, though.