In Lore, Sonia jubilantly cries, “JOVIZ!“(jo-VEEZ) which is used on Pærth like we use “Alright!”

Having “threenage” years linguistically splits the difference between fairy ages and those terrible early years we’re familiar with, but it also happens to be a word in the Eastern male-dominated societies of Kaian. While adolescence occurs at a normal rate, Jeenare generally live much longer and, as a perhaps unfortunate consequence, are viewed by male societies as immature well into their thirties. In Lore, the slang is GOGOMFGOA (go-GOHMF-gwæ) which works out to be something like my English translation.

Zeltuhl is invoked again.

And just because the ashes (æ) are breeding on this page, a little clarification: I use it to indicate vowels pronounced roughly like the “a” in “glad” and the “e” in “met”. Hopefully, that actually counts as clarification.