‘Chope’ and ‘The Tender’ are references to Kaian’s pseudo-twin Gœd, a female key-maker deity whose power is said to unlock all the labyrinths of her sister Rastora’s making.

Kyorshoneow (Ondoko)
KÒrso neA           O
A sort of gloomy name for a leader, combining the words for ‘honor’ and ‘holy person’.

pyaryopym (Ondoko)
Literally translated means “least advanced”. Though they might have said “youngest”, “rotten” and “advanced” are often the same word, so perhaps the term is apt.

Meanwhile, Ilon and his lover bat at one another in modern tongue.

Aaj ruu. (NAL)
(awj roo)
“Please forgive me.”

Safsh! (NAL)
“Hell no!”