minothoa (meen-OHT-thoh-eh) means “drama”. Sonia’s parents refer to a story about a minnow that discovers all of its kin are swimming in a liquid substance and it becomes so preoccupied with this, that it forgets to go through daily routines like eating or swimming. Luckily, this is no dark warning tale; the fish recovers and goes on to live an extremely productive life (after almost being swallowed by a predator).

Aop’s parent calls zem by their whole name, wherein “offspring of Som” is emphasized — an attempt to bully Aop into remembering the mother of zer family carries the greatest social weight in Ondokohe society.

The image of Ilon’s home continent Dzhuula is from a valuable Enchanted Traveler’s mapbook, used by hikers and seafarers, and which is capable of some magic properties like updating its labels or even showing different languages to different viewers.