SÉko  jeA           O

Ondoko for “squatter” — literally, “croucher”.

Ilon encounters a roving army from some past battle on Ataga. Its lemoforms — often just called “shades” when one doesn’t want to get close enough to exercise spirit taxonomy — are also called memory wraths, whispershades, smokethieves or simply enough “thought takers”. With as many as there are around him, he is somewhat at risk of forgetting more than his immediate thoughts — his age, name, or how to understand his mother tongue. A more aggressive lemoform can strip a faerie of muscle memory in seconds — effectively turning the victim into a vegetable for years.

They seem to be repeating a word from very old Lore:

(OHS-voh-[glottal stop]-AHJ)
“Your thoughts …” (lit. your thinking)