kavodznek(o) (NAL)
Rebellion with a hint of sabotage — as the protesting students are accused of epitomizing, anyway.

Aem ov! (NAL)
(am OHV)
“Yeah, girl.”
Not as encouraging an exclamation as it sounds. In Pærth political society, ‘girl’ is fairly restricted to actual young persons.

loopb (Ondoko)
The palm of the hand.

The “pain in the” cliché hurts again. In this case, the slaver also says ‘palm’ in reference to the child rearing practice of lightly patting the face — said to calm colicky babes. There are also jokes in Ondo about unruly children biting the palm.

A humanist is to humans as a jeenarean is to jeenare? Either way works, but we may as well get used to the fact that we’re dealing with faeries, here.

A krethe is a kind of Kaian equivalent of a duck. Rather large, though, as they have been known in ancient times to better a jeenare and consume it. (Faeries were smaller then, too, let’s be fair.)

Sebbunah is what Ilon heard, though this is likely his interpretation of the local word for the Mænd city of Fleet.