borshyalez (Ondoko)

Aop “misimagines” the pronunciation of the Ondo word for nera (lale gendered version of niece/nephew — see: WORLD). Luckily, psychic communication forgives more “typos” and zer aunties would have likely “heard” what ze meant.

kuhki| (NAL)
(KUH-KEE-[glottal stop])
Variation of Lore’s “hour”, which is often just fefo — from Ondoko.

chamruæth (NAL)
Basic Lore exclamation of extreme surprise. A bit like “Oh Gods!” though without blasphemous history. Sonia seems to be using it without much heft.

A genuinely startled Ilon, meanwhile, doesn’t seem as smooth. The child speaks the very musical language of Old Lore, which is somewhat recognizable to Ilon, having grown up in the old rural community of Matevet. Fae from whereabouts that have forgotten Old Lore might only hear a singsong cypher.