Two down, and …

In this strip, where the second egg gains its soul, there is some discussion from the blue egg’s family on the seasons of Kaian.

Much of Kaian follows its own zodiac, which respects three star weeks or star seasons, 7 days and nights of a single gender per star season. You can divide the year into four conventional seasons as well, but the most important point to note is that one day and night on Kaian lasts much longer than Earth’s. There truly are fewer than 22 days in a year, since each day and each night would be experienced as roughly a week of Earth time, each. This leads to a much greater variation in temperature from day to night.

Typically, an egg forms and gestates within the mother for 2 star seasons, then the egg is laid and it is nurtured primarily by the kæther for 2 additional star seasons. For believers, each child has two corresponding zodiac signs for the times: when its egg enters the world and when it hatches from the egg. More on this subject when it’s due.