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uhnuanu (Ondoko)
“Blessings to you”

quikjorpbidjæ (Ondoko)
Literally, a time period of one thousandth (1/1000) of a Kaian year. But here used jokingly to refer to a Thilxian “day” of sorts. While Eastern culture is ostensibly more fluid with hours, “West Easterners” (i.e.; Thilxians) have a system built around 10-(or so)-hour periods that is admired; and like any admired thing it can be easy humor just to refer to it in an imperfect way.

Once more, the Sister did not really use the word “day” but haya which is a bit more related to “day time” or “waking period”, since they are technically in a sun setting period close to seventh lunch.