Sorry again for the technical complication that caused the strip delay last week. I ordered a new laptop cable and now I’m plugging it in all over the place again. [Insert more inappropriate objects humor here.]

So, as per tradition, here is a double strip to make up for the missing entry last week. Today we get to see some sexy egg sitting action. Well, it’s not very interesting to most of us more human beings, but for Jeenare this is often a heartwarming and pleasurable expression of love.

Love is complicated and fortunately for Ondoko, they have a number of words to describe different kinds, from charm to kinship to infatuation. Being a sexist culture, some genders are granted more words to articulate matters than others. In this case, Aop uses the lale gendered verb for “wanting a male for a partner”, hence we have for our definitions of the week:

fhuly (Ondoko)
To want a male as one’s partner (lale persons). Used more often to refer to one’s yearning (as a lale) for a spousal relationship with a male.

For more love related words, see page L of the English—Ondoko glossary.

And with an entirely different “FOO” word, we refer to those tall-legged long-necked long-eared beings formerly farmed by Ilon’s family.

fuso (NAL)
A fuso, what else?