So this is the first page in a new protocol where I’ll be doing something a little different … not finishing the pages!

Just kidding. You may have noticed that last week I published just the lettering, and this week I have replaced the image with the full completed page.

That’s because it’s time to speed up the Lor’Avvu web comic to an entire page every two weeks rather than slowly completing a page over the course of three weeks. There are a number of reasons why I’ve decided to this. One of those reasons has to do with a shift in the story happening soon, which I hope you will recognize and enjoy as Chapter One winds to a close … and a really fun animated surprise at the end of the year.

The most important practical result is that it gets you the story faster; however it means updates will be less frequent for most people because every other Tuesday I will be finishing the page rather than publishing one-and-a-half strips. Next week I will publish the completed version of page 84 here and then the “halfway-done” updates will stop for most readers. (Except for “Jeenare Faerie Field Researchers” at my Patreon.)

Lor’Avvu will always remain free to the public as a free cultural “open source” work. However, if you are interested in seeing more of the process, such as “halfway-done” lettered pages, plus inside sketches and information on the story, that monthly expense should be worth it.

Now, onward with the story, and see you next week for the completed page 84!