When I have translated this Pærthian fae’s words, it is not meant to be a nominal reference to Herr Mesmer of “mesmerism”. The actual reference:

“-fgoæ” is like the English suffix “-er” to make a doer of a thing or activity. The root word here is rjrka, which is just how to refer to the vibration that results in the perceived color of an object. Colors behave differently on Kaian, such that an object may bend in hue without a faerie blinking an eye. Yet the range of colors is limited by the surroundings and other factors. This word references not a static color but the visible vibration that results in its interaction with vibrations around it (and yes, this also means there are different visible vibrations that are of an essence). As such, when it’s said a Jeenare “colors” something, it can reference their powers of hypnotism or animal magnetism.

The actual phrase he uses is close to “The color vibrationist connects to the color vibration.” This seemed awful much to put in his speech bubble so I’ve just made a cultural reference to something in a comparable ballpark.

Whoops, “ballpark”? I did it again. It’s hard to make a clear distinction between culture and language, no?

Since you’ve read this far you may as well know that glowing eyes are a sign of one of the core magics or mystic arts of the Jeenare of Thilx, which is just the ability to see in the dark. In all Jeenare communities, spells to control the will of another are of the main forbidden arts, so I would be wary of any sketchy characters purporting to know much about it.

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