All Sonia here, except for a peek into Aop’s surprising meeting at the end. There, you might like to know that the gentleman means a mineral of something is to exemplify it.

Sonia’s new friend says chochryi (CHOH-chree-yee) which as you may guess is endearment in New Ancient Lore. Then we have its opposite:

Nalgok mruhkra (NAL)
(NAHL-gohk MRUH-krah)
Though literally translating to “unkind toenail” this is not unlike “fuck you” or “fuck [pretty much whatever]” and it’s a favorite among punk types known as Fejmr to include in their famously long strings of insults. If you ever read an f-bomb from a Pærthian character like Sonia, you can be sure I’ve just supplanted the classic curse.