The strange companions are finally on the verge of uniting after what seems like a life time of longing for the perfect partners. Their past flitted by in a moment when they fell in love, but love can be scary when it means actually reaching for a dream that seemed so far off for so long …

Sonia helps Ilon face his fear of leaping into a new partnership with her and Aop.

RUNTIME: 6 minutes, 10 seconds

Lor’Avvu Track 2: “Waverider [Candy Wave Riders mix feat. Kattywampus]”

Artist Highlight

Peggy & Tito

Alberto and Megan founded Peggy & Tito as they fell in love. They proceeded to make the single loveliest lullaby album I’ve ever heard in Lullabies for Elly and TJ, something that might have appeared on the 4AD label in its renaissance. Yet, passionate and incredibly talented artists in their own right, each has several musical projects going on at one time and they’re always making something beautiful and fresh.

First of all, check out (totally free to listen!) Peggy & Tito‘s album and if you don’t want to own it after hearing this I’ll probably buy a second copy for myself:

Next, hear Megan’s newest work with Koi:
Facebook: Official Koi Music
As well as Instagram @peggycrumb

Alberto is also known as DOSES [of Music]. Follow his exciting projects on Instagram @hotline_bert
Facebook: Doses of Music

“Wave Riders” features:
Alberto on Arrangements, Instrumentation, Percussion, Keys, Vocals and Rap
Megan on Vocals and Co-composition
Katty on Additional Keys
Noti on Additional Arrangement
Produced and Written by Alberto & Megan McCrumb

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Music & Sound


Kattywampus is the creative spark of Fygar, a video game homage band that plays live shows. With musicians on samplers, saxophone, electronic drums, and plenty of keytar you’ll feel like you’re in a video game when you attend their Arizona-based shows.

[ Anonymous ]

Various Creative Contributions

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↓ Transcript
Wave Rider
There you go with the wind beside you
Wave Rider
You get higher as the ocean rises
Ohh ohh ooo ohh ohh ooo
Ohh ohh ooo ohh ohh ooo

Treading along through the hail and the sleet
Remembering nights unified on the beach
Don't understand why I feel incomplete
Was doing just fine right before you met me

It's only my nature to fall on my knees
With all that I thought ain't as quite as it seems
All of those promises empty and bleak
My hand on your heart but my fingers would freeze

Sailing away in an ocean of leaves
Weightless and gentle, my body's at ease
Try to shut out what I do not believe,
"If you really loved me then why did you leave?"

Reversing my logic so I find my peace
Somewhere within the tall mountains and trees
These purple crystals are my remedy
Now I'm right back to the place I should be

I was never ready for what you were giving me
No, we couldn't fit the pieces
No, I couldn't find my peace
Swimming up stream
The way was never easy
Re-occurring dream
Losing my breathing
Losing my way
Losing my mind
Losing my meaning
What was in my head
Wasn't in my heart
It was deceiving

I can't be full in (I can't love fully)
When I'm so caught up
Crashing waters so rough
I sink to the bottom


Had to leave you only
To get back in touch with
The rhythm of my waves
and — oo, I want to be a

Wave Rider
You get high with the ocean rises
Wave Rider
There you go with the wind beside you
Ohh ohh ooo ohh ohh ooo
Ohh ohh ooo ohh ohh ooo

Wave Rider
Wave Rider

yo i b riding that wave
all day
ain't a thing a moshfa watheez could say
to me!

check the timeline

I was feelin down and out since
the moment that you weren't around
now im surfin through it all
can't nothin bring me down

so high

what's it like to keep my feet in the ground?
my head in the clouds
look at me now
oh gods!

temperature up but there ain't no fever
this ain't a disguise; just changed my demeanor
thought karma was a fraud
now you a believer

funny how it started from a vision
wishin to fill in the space thats missin
within this vessel — untapped potential —
ain't tryin to brag;
just gettin shit off my mental

so check out my wings boy
higher up than you think boy
couldn't get none of theez boy
even if you beggin on yo knees boy
s'like that

forget about what you wanna say
that shit don't fly round here no mo
occupied with my reality
don't bring me in to yours

bein' completely honest I was tarnished
now I’m riding sound
promise on my life you chain me twice
I'll bring the hammer down

(here we go)


I'ma be ridin that wave like
— Oh, my Gods! —
I'm levitating
I'ma be riding that wave
like a pendulum
swinging so effortlessly

The movement flows from the seas
tuned to the frequency
Everything surrounding we three
creates a perfect

Ohh ohh ohh ohh ohh yea

The energy rises higher
up from the bottom of my spine
light in the belly burns brighter
unshakeable peace
body and soul and unity

love so naturally
easy and free
oo we are
wave riders