Because of a double-sized comic last week, there is no story update today. However, I have an exciting announcement. The very first Ondoko and Vuul language packs have been released. These translations from English to Fae languages can be found on the LANGUAGE page. If you are an academic type or just curious, there are instructions at the bottom of the LANGUAGE page (click on LANGUAGE in the top menu to go to the page in question) for installing these audio and visual dictionaries in a .DSL dictionary file reader program, such as GoldenDict.

Otherwise, they will be presented (along with the two tongues of the Lore language family) as simple to browse online glossary mini-sites. Presently, only Ondoko has an online glossary but Vuul will be getting one soon. The Lore languages are proving slightly more difficult to gather (and distinguish from one another depending on the area they are being used!) but should join Ondoko and Vuul when time permits.

It is a great honor to present more of the world of Kaian to you. Please enjoy, and if you find it useful for communicating with faeries, let us know!