It is extremely important to me that when people view the story of ‘Lor’Avvu’ that they do not misinterpret any aspect of it as an endorsement of hate, violence, sexual violence or anti-humanitarian ways.

It is not necessary to dive into the seedy world of trauma and conspiracy to appreciate that children and adults (of many species!) are abused and sexually abused around the world. Religions of all kinds protect the abusers, and also defend them. So what can be blamed?

We must understand that the proclivity towards something does not mean we shouldn’t enshrine its antithesis in our home culture. In order to make the corrections, our bravery must start at home. (Not so-called foreign lands where we feel free to colonize and impose on others, using any human problem as an excuse to demonize and dehumanize the other.)

For example, is it our place to teach dolphins not to rape? That seems like a goal we may be entrusted with one day. But not the way of the abusers — who would genetically modify, drug and coerce to change behavior. Teaching is not about those things. That is what we call “treatment” and it is different from true medicine.

We have so much to learn. We must take small patient steps.

Panic is not needed, but action and voice are needed. If you know someone close to you whom you suspect has experienced sexual trauma, and you feel it is your place to do something right about it, I hope that you will be brave when the time comes and pursue the issue.

It is so hard to judge when it is our place. And that is not a problem easily solved. But empaths have it quite hard. And they want to demand that everyone deserves freedom from violence — sexual and otherwise.

No matter where you are on any given political spectrum, I hope that you belong on the empathic spectrum. If not, please get out from behind the mask and verbally own your psychopathy so that empaths can distance themselves from your ways. There must be help and comfort for psychopaths, as all living creatures deserve, but it will not be found in dishonest misrepresentation of feelings. That will probably only lead to a psychopathic person doing harm. Or perhaps gaining inappropriate power, where they would do worse harm in their misleadership.

Can we have a rule that sexual abusers are not permitted to hold positions of societal power? Has it become so difficult to find people who will uphold this right that we have given up? We must not give up on sifting the psychopaths away from positions of power.