The latest entry to the story — the prelude to Chapter 1 — is finally (after five years of hard work) completed. And the musicianship and voice talents and other help that showed up might be considered truly mystical.

I don’t know what people will say when they see it but they say it’s best to just throw people into a world and have them sink or swim. Sounds like a traumatized people if I ever heard one. How about gently offer people a world? That’s what I’d like the video to do.

About the titular category Lor’Avvu Prelude: I honestly had a little difficulty with the word “prelude” because of the Latin meaning of not just play but perhaps tease. I wanted to make a word like “pre-levo” — to offer support — but unfortunately the lovely Italians have already claimed that word for withdrawing, which makes no sense in this case at all. Amo Italia, ma vero.

Prelude fits with the strong musical focus of the story, however. After all, the soundtrack features much of the ‘Lor’Avvu Overture’ (developed by a handful of incredibly talented people).

Now, I have a day or two to submit the movie to festivals. I hope it gets accepted, though I am literally two days away from the deadline. Regardless, later this year, it will be available for viewing integrated into the site.