It seems I wrote too soon. In the last post, I mentioned that only the local Phoenix festival “Arizona Filmmaker Showcase” wanted Lor’Avvu Prelude, out of something like two dozen festivals I submitted to around the world.

But now, Arizona, you are not alone! The all new and exciting experimental festival in Germany’s capital (called “hyper hybrid” : has requested the movie for their festival, which takes place at Werkstattkino (a theater in Munich) between November 30th and December 6th 2017.

This will not delay the promised publication of the video on this site, which is scheduled for (when else?) next Tuesday. But I may require a password (to be published in the post, directly below the movie) to somewhat ameliorate direct Vimeo views until … well, at the latest, the traditional Catholic day of Saint Nicholas, apparently.

So to alle Freunde in Deutschland, please enjoy and let us know what you think! And a great big Vielen Dank! to Philipp Dettmer and Werkstattkino for the fun opportunity!