Here is a process image showing you how I consider doing my layers right now. This is how I’ve been doing them for Chapter One: Strange Companions.

I begin by looking directly at my script for a while and re-reading the important details to make sure I am on track with the various themes I want in the dialogue and compositions. Then when I have a thumbnail for the page, I will scan it and complete the tiers one week at a time. (Though I hope to be doing entire pages each week, and that’s my artistic goal!)

Here is another visual breakdown of the process. You can see that I have the thumbnail at a middle layer and I adjust the opacity depending on what I’m using it for at the time.

One interesting factor I’ve noticed (besides my process and style evolving for the faeries’ growing up and settling into their lives on Kaian) is that the weekly time constraint forces me to stop working on a tier or I could quite realistically spend a year or more on a single panel adding tiny hidden details.

I would love Lor’Avvu to continue to evolve in style to fit each chapter. For the Introduction, I hand penciled, lettered and inked the entire comic, then only added digital colors. Whereas the pencils in Chapter One are done with actual pencil and paper while the rest is digital. I love traditional materials and I hope to work more with them soon.

That’s it for now! Happy New Year!