Lor’Avvu Prelude is running for another film festival. This one is a digital screening at AudienceAwards.com for LGBTQ movies, short films, animations and experimental films, which would be fun to be a part of! Initially, I admit I thought it was a trick because after the submission was “accepted”, their upload service failed and their e-mail support bounced and their online chat function broke and their phone numbers were disconnected. (Obviously I wasn’t eager to confirm the decision at all.)

However, the FilmFreeway people kindly reassured me that AudienceAwards was probably just experiencing some technical difficulties and I should try to upload the movie again later. I did find that after the upload worked, it was showing up in their system as submitted to the festival. Then I received five copies of an automated rejection letter so I’m pretty confused by their system.

Moving on to better updates, I’ve released a new rhyming section to go over the “Strain of the Jeenare” track, specially prepared for the visually impaired. You can view this version of the video, along with descriptive audio comics of the Introduction on the Lor’Avvu YouTube channel. The second music video is also well underway, but more about all of this later. I owe you the 90th page of Chapter One.

Eventually I would like to write transcripts for all the comic entries, which will occasionally present issues when the written characters are ambiguous, or when visual clues are hidden, but subtle information exists in many forms and I enjoy an artistic challenge to offer my story to wider audiences. I think a novelization of the story may be coming, one day.