Chapter One is almost finished! You may have noticed. And hopefully, enjoyed!

Unfortunately, it seems that Comic Easel is not updated to the latest WordPress in terms of perfect compatibility. Nor should we expect the most benevolent Frumph to bother doing so since he’s already put in so much work to the first versions. In the future, I may have to discover a new way to deliver the comic with the detailed browsability that Comic Easel has provided. Right now it looks like the roads from the digital publishing path I’ve chosen are leading to other places.

As an example, you can now follow Lor’Avvu on the Facebook company’s (somewhat deteriorating and increasingly commercially dominated) Instagram at the account: lor_avvu but it won’t provide the Jeenare faerie language translations, fonts and so on.

I am also uploading a super streamlined version of the comic with no post-by-post notes at all. This is located at the Naver company’s WebToons portal (this link brings you to the Lor’Avvu page). It doesn’t seem to fit in with the other content, or the limited format of the site, but it’s another way to view the comic.

Ultimately, I’d like to build up a following that is interested in sponsoring non-profit printed volumes that fit the story. However, it would be great to watch the expanding options available for good printed works. Non-toxic but archival papers, glues and inks would be lovely, and I think as Print-On-Demand services expand and improve we could see more of this become common to drive the costs down for a pretty, ecologically conscious volume for Chapter One.