Please know that I do consider the unique ways people show up in the world, and I’m always looking for ways to make my story accessible to as diverse a group as I might.

Recently, it’s come to my attention through Arthur Firstenberg (author of “The Invisible Rainbow”) that wireless signals of all kinds have been shown to cause illness in humanity since their inception. Some studies indicate even low-power wireless signals can have worse effects; it’s hypothesized this is because the body may not know to resist signals that more closely match, and more easily replace, those of our own body. This may also be why it hurts calcium voltage reception (and hence oxygen uptake) in human cells, why it also hurts the hemolymph (blood) of honey bees, and why it makes ants panic as if being attacked by an invisible enemy.

Wired devices may still give off a certain amount of “dirty energy” on our person, since many power supplies do not ground well, but let me issue a small suggestion. For your safety, reduce your personal exposure to radiation small and large, since it’s unclear how much longer we can push life-disruptive signals into our ecosystem. Here are my most recommended methods of enjoying the story:

1. Computer
When accessing the digital forms of Lor’Avvu, be they podcasts, videos or web comics, use a wired device and keep a distance from power sources. A desktop computer monitor provides the best viewing option for the site’s format. You can even have a phone or tablet plug in to a wired ethernet cable using a simple 3rd party component and then turn off the devices’ wireless powers.

2. Books
Many arts feel like the living death of an idea, none moreso than books written in the language of collapsing empire. It also rather reduces the vivacity of the animated illustrations with music. You can certainly pick up personal copies as they are completed, which are powered mainly by your eyeballs, but I understand that format is not for everyone, and although it’s Print-on-Demand it’s arguably worse for the environment.

So, the story presently lives this way but I expect changes before its last chapter is told; the future of humanity and our technology are gloriously uncertain — not to mention the fluctuations of digital hosting platforms, printing technologies and transitioning information. The YouTube channel Terminal Passage has taught me the incredible presence of obscure art that plays because it exists in the form of 12″ Long Play vinyl records that this West Coast afficionado has lossily converted to videos featuring the album art.

I’m also exploring the following possibilities for the story, which seem even more eco-friendly, if appropriately expensive or challenging as a result:

1. Audio Medium
Although the story has already restarted as an audio-centric video or podcast here (called the DAC or Descriptive Audio Comic), perhaps it can be archived on a physical format that allows for easy access without the use of any Internet signals at all!

2. Stage Production
This is a total dream. Fire. Forest. Sets. Instead of animation, we perform live! I personally don’t have the budget for performers, make up, costumes or even puppets, though some like my friend Sunny have suggested Lor’Avvu would be very well suited to a series of musical stage shows, which would then be documented in photos and sheet music as well. The closest we have come to this was a small Type 2 B Only performance of the Faerie Suite; a low key version of the story more resembling oral poetry with multimedia accoutrement could be magical! Perhaps I really should ask the artists if I can publish the sheet music in any case, if I’m truly to make it as Open Source as intended.

3. Digital Archive
I should be able to figure out a way to compile the entire story as a torrent file or other format that allows for convenient offline access of (or most of) the same digital content that is presented on the site.

Do you have an idea for a Lor’Avvu story or a spin-off? See the Copyleft Notice below!