If you are in the Twin Cities area, and you’re interested in the world of Lor’Avvu, you may be interested in this “sneak peek” event.

Tonight, to celebrate the second year of the strip’s existence, I will be debuting an arrangement of three Lor’Avvu themes as part of the first performance of conceptual synth group TYPE 2 B ONLY.

The composition is a five-minute abstract of:

1. Avvu’s Tune
2. A Place of Honesty
3. Seed of Hate
4. Avvu’s Reprise

This music for Lor’Avvu has been composed, written and arranged by Megan “Nutmeg” McCrumb, Nicholas “P.” Moen, Rachel “Wheels” Westhoff and myself. It is part of the larger overture soundtrack for the comic’s animated chapter headings. (Yes, this web comic will be incorporating animation.)

TYPE 2 B ONLY is comprised of:

Rachel Westhoff — synths, claps, lips, space, art direction and Rachel noises
Nicholas Moen — synths, claps, lips and space
Maxeem Konrardy — synths, claps, lips and space

We will also be performing two original songs and a cover of John Foxx’s Underpants Underpass so unique it will never be heard the same way again.

The setting is Terminal Bar in Northeast Minneapolis at 8:00pm.

Shy types, do not be afraid of our makeup and theatrics. We are not professionals, and the audience will mostly be playing board games.