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WARNING: “Spoilers” really are contained in these images and character descriptions. Please scroll responsibly.


Avvu’s Family

CONIA (SHO-nya) is Avvu’s mother. She has never quite fit into typical Pærth society. A famous rebel politician and a passionate friend to all, including spirits that may not welcome it, she especially has a fondness for animals. Sonia’s intelligence and bravery allow three very important eggs to enter the world safely.
   Aop (AY-ohp) is Avvu’s lore guardian – not “Mama” (Mom) or “Gaga” (Dad) but “Lala”. (See WORLD: The Jeenare for more on gender distinctive words). Aop thinks ze may have been born on a distant island of exile, where ze escaped torture and slavery. It is through partially authentic spiritual practice in the Church that Aop found zer way to Pærth.
ILAN (EE-lahn) is Avvu’s male guardian. He is proud of climbing out of the gutter and rising up in city society to management and ownership of a popular bar, but urbanity (or peace of mind) can be too much for someone as “in tune” to nature as Ilon.
UORJ (WOHR-j) is the firstborn of the family. Worj is punctual, self-disciplining and skeptical of wastes of time. Her competitive streak is all in good humor, of course, that worried parents and siblings just don’t understand. Her compassionate souls merely wish to craft a world of liberty and justice (and they don’t intend to let her childhood get in the way of it).
TUFK (TOO-sfk) is Worj’s baby brother (by a star season). He is a little obsessive compulsive, and a whole lot of orderly. Tuusk imagines disaster frequently, and feels a cosmic draw to the security industry that his voler Aop resents.
AVVU (AH-voo) is the champion love of the story. (See WORLD: The Jeenare for more on gender distinctive words) Bright and wary of authority, ze has little trouble finding trouble. Being intuitive in spiritual matters helps zem get out of some messes, but others – such as zer ambition to re-balance the planet – may require a spirit of adventure (and magnanimity).

Family Friends

Bekka (BEH-ka) is Chama’s mother. She is the only guardian to stay with Chama. Hailing from Dolphin Island, she is as frivolous and as happy as one without stable partners can be – that is to say, the epitome of gregarious bachelorette living. Perhaps she is not as caught up in “world affairs” as her best friend Sonia, but those things only seem to take time away from water sports.
CAMY (CHAH-muh) is the son of Sonia’s best friend Becka. Being older than the disinterested Worj and Tuusk, Avvu was the only one to return his questions and dream with him. Mostly, Chama spends time tinkering with obsolete technology (he calls “cute”) but a secret identity (his alter-ego Drake) knows better what to do with such power, when the time comes.
Qik (KWEEK) is a Shuvar from the sentient culture of the same name (not a squid, thank you muchly). She has been curious about Avvu since she watched zem hatch into a baby. A little sarcastic and domineering with others, she still knows her place as potential stew for the more brutal Jeenare, and knows when to stop her curiosity about the dominant species from getting the best of her.
KRYM|EIK (KRUM-bick) is an almost unbearable Tulrat, if you happen to like politeness, pleasantness or kindness. Krumbik seems to find equal pleasure in trying to annoy Avvu and succeeding with Queek. Avvu has learned to hear the reassuring companionship in the squabble.


(PER-see) is the cool and collected chair of a Storykeeping council on the sacred Mændægæ continent – one that is in constant tension with the rest of the Eastern hemisphere. He seems not to particularly excel at his position, but he doesn’t ruin its good name either, and intuits on a deeper level that this might not be the time for reckless noise.
(JOOK-tay-ROH-n) is a strong-minded friend who believes ze knows how to guide Avvu’s course.
(RATH-may) is the wife of Percy’s lovey (like a lale “wifey” or “hubby”). On the surface, some deal with Rathmai as though she possessed a super-powered handicap that must be kept in check. Percy acts as though too much connection with outsiders to Rathmai, or their unnamed lale partner, would cause a storm to destroy them.
(PAH-lee) is Jukteron’s male friend, who – while honoring their culture’s requirement of a lale intermediary – seems impatient for Jukteron to find one so they can hurry up and marry a woman. He means well, regardless of his ignorance of Juke’s “big picture”.


TeryzÕx (tehr-AYE-zee-oosh) also known as TAIZ (t-AYE-z) in Ataga, is the infamous President of Pærth City. The populace is just relieved that Tyz is no longer a mayor, and his power is more in check by the representative parliament. Yet there is something unsettling about how comfortable he appears in his new supposedly “subdued” leadership role.
TDUS (th-DZOO-ss) is difficult to pronounce in any translation. Feel free to call him Doose or Zeus. Since he is the favorite of Tyz, it doesn’t matter much what you call him as you obey his every order.
LYND Doctor Lund (LUH-ndz) evades description, for being a somewhat conventional resident of Pærth City. As a woman in a male-dominated government, her position is rapidly approaching closure, but she seems to be riding the wave with optimism.
Bun (b-OO-n, formerly mv-OO-n) longs to see his hedonistic side fulfilled before dying of national pride, which is probably why he got himself relieved of duty for too many consecutive streaking sessions down the jumpship tarmac. He may privately note Kaian’s fruition of prophecy, but he’s a little more preoccupied with women. And the punishments they might offer in Ondo’s slave fatums (“harems” of males).
Stalkers move in ostensibly loose gangs of Jeenare living on the periphery of society, plucking lives from the forest with no apparent malice. But if it’s a hunt, are they particular for political meat? Rumors indicate a relationship to the anarchist animal people of North Ninam, but beyond that, conventional knowledge merely says: stay away from wilderness. Especially at night. Especially if your name is published.


Deathlanders (Stragaia)

ANaKa (AH-nah-kah) is the grumbling leader of the lore society of Stragaia, and the spiritual leader of the World Temple. Ze takes most everything with a grain of salt, a resignment and a lot of wise-isms to keep up the local chatter. Anaka is more than good for morale, but is traditional in ways ze sometimes cannot see in zemself.
FIonNa (fee-OH-nah) exists on the periphery of Avvu’s experiences in Stragaia, and apparently has some connection to the continent. But the animal people do not normally come this far West, do they?

Wildlanders (Ninam)

MORGEN (MOHR-gehn) is as enthusiastic and penetrating as Anaka is cryptic. With an almost offensive zeal for life, Morgan is young to be the see of the Global Church, but unfortunately nobody else could do it better while containing the myriad incendiary opinions of Ninam continent.
   Aderik (EH-der-eek) is Becka’s former man, whose extreme nature found a new home in Ninam.
Duca (DZOO-shah) is Becky’s former lore with Aderik. Dzusha intrigued Aderik with zer stories of Ninam’s fate, and ultimately convinced him (quite on accident) to move their partnership there.
SÔri (SEE-ih-ree) is a feminine lore partner of Aderik and Dzusha. Ze is a combat paramedic, and a sweet – if simple – follower of the couple’s dreams.


Vul (VOO-l) are a race of Jeenare who find themselves on their own ice continent, East of trouble. Isolationist, and warlike enough to keep it that way, the Vuul have been uninvolved in the last major wars of Kaian, but that is about to change.
Li (LEE) may be a Wildlander.
Majo (MAH-joe) may also be a Wildlander.
IkyS (EE-kuhs) is an enigmatic but charming Robin Hood figure of North Ninam. As one of the rarer Ægridzhi (Animal Cousins) who socialize with Jeenare, Eekas is popularly loved despite his clear stance against them.
   E  brad
   E  hdby
are inseparable Ægridzhi siblings (not twins!). “BredBred” are avid loyalists of Eekas. Abrad claims it’s efficient, but Edba is for compassion, last time anyone listened.


Ondokehe (Ondo)

JÒrjÓ (JYOH-rrr-jya) is the leader of the Queendom considered the highest of intellectuals. Her rule is mighty and fierce, but she commands respect from her subjects with laws dutiful to egalitarianism and equality (as long as you can adapt). She personally pursues an enlightenment for the world, that can evolve with the studies of her subjects — compounded meanings intended.
Kuijira (kwee-JEELG-uh) is an honor warrior from Ondo who feels slighted by the Queendom, but is nevertheless striving to achieve dominance in the fading field of melee combat. Kuijira is a serious individual who takes an interest in Avvu for her own personal reasons that have nothing at all to do with an inherent need to throw herself directly into the most dangerous situations available.
   U fezigon (oo-FEHZ-ih-gahn) is Kuijira’s die-hard assistant and partner. She doesn’t seem to say much to many. But everyone understands the language of her guns.
Sanekx (SHAW-nekts) is a highly trusted triple-agent of Georgia’s spy network.
ZUZANNY (zoo-ZAH-nuh) is Shanex’s life partner from Dzhuula.
   E mened (EHM-neh-nahd) is Georgia’s left hand commander. Malicious when need-be, she is the perfect embodiment of Georgia’s power – keeping the queen’s image untarnished and yet invulnerable.
Mnol (MNOH-l) is Georgia’s right hand commander. Perfectly effective at oblivious cruelty, Mnol is used for tasks involving the Queendom’s need for acquisitions outside the scope of the royal guard.
RËnaf (rrr-WEEN-ah-fh) would be pleased with the alliteration of her name. As a lale who identifies fluidly, her struggle to communicate her unique sense of self has given her a love of challenging others and giving them ideas to chew on. She is the pioneer of a school theorizing that links between the Ondoko and Lore languages may bring a new era of communication between the warring East and West. But the truths Avvu and the professor discover together could rock Kaian entirely … and cost more than some are willing to spend.


Vidvad (VIH-d-VAH-d) is one of Eekas’ “top level” activists – with a perfect public record of innocence and goodness. Of course, ze also has the most intricate network of loopholes, traps and relationships stored in zer anarchist mind, but ze prefers to garden and nap than go totally “underground”.
Niko (NEE-koe) keeps everyone on mission. Even if people laugh at him for doing so, his presence tends to drain them of their frivolity.
Silvii (SILL-vee) is a lupine anarchist doing her best to force her integration with the Ægridzhi. With an intense need to give, she longs for a heroic fate.
Larc (LARCH) is an endlessly flirty Ægridzhi friend of Silvy’s.
The Iyoiith (ee-AYE-oh-eeth) give the forbidden waters of the Trurp Sea their terrible reputation. With incredible powers they came with no warning and no explanation. Separating not just the West from the East, but themselves from all of Kaian. The faeridoms know too little about them, so – like flying saucers and other mysteries – they are left the largest elephant in the room to try to ignore. (Most Jeenare surprisingly do so just fine.)

Character Stats


Avvu’s mother.

Comics: 356
Recent Appearance: 2: Fruits of Kaian (346.2)
First Appearance: 1: Strange Companions (8.2)


Avvu’s middle-gendered parent, zer kæther or "Lala".

Comics: 337
Recent Appearance: 2: Fruits of Kaian (304.1)
First Appearance: 1: Strange Companions (11.2)


Avvu’s father or "Gaga".

Comics: 328
Recent Appearance: 2: Fruits of Kaian (304.2)
First Appearance: 1: Strange Companions (10.3)


Chama's mother. Since Avvu is close friends with Chama, ze is somewhat familiar with Becka.

Comics: 61
Recent Appearance: 2: Fruits of Kaian (346.2)
First Appearance: 1: Strange Companions (30.1)

Grandma and Grandpa

In this yak town, there are many grandmas and many grandpas but there is only one Grandma and Grandpa.

Comics: 49
Recent Appearance: Introduction (18.3)
First Appearance: Introduction (1.2)

Earth Children

The Lor'Avvu epic tale has had a wide variety of different audiences. The Earth children are Grandma and Grandpa's for their telling of it.

Comics: 47
Recent Appearance: Introduction (18.2)
First Appearance: Introduction (1.1)

The Fantoosh Tulrat

The Fantoosh Tulrat is a magical curmudgeon of testosterone, puppeted by unknown powers and representative of its Kaian-native species, Tulratkind, which is made of sentient rabbit- turtle- troll-like beings with their own culture, language and history. Though the claims emitted from it give a one-sided view of Kaian, its ostensible insight into Lor'Avvu's time keeps the Earth children engaged.

Comics: 33
Recent Appearance: Introduction (17.2)
First Appearance: Introduction (5.3)


It is said that just by being present, one can radically change a social situation. Putting this to the test are the various eggs of Kaian — not quite characters, but containing sentient beings with individual character, as potential as it may be.

Comics: 27
Recent Appearance: 1: Strange Companions (82.2)
First Appearance: Lor'Avvu Prelude (Introduction to Chapter 1)


General spirit beings of Kaian. To go into them and all of their roles would take a grimoire of vast proportions. Suffice to say some are good, some are bad and some are neither, depending on whom you ask. Each of them plays a role in Kaian's secret physiognomy, some more important to her than others.

Comics: 25
Recent Appearance: 2: Fruits of Kaian (300)
First Appearance: 1: Strange Companions (6.1)


Leader of the women, and sole ruler of the Queendom of Ondo.

Comics: 24
Recent Appearance: 2: Fruits of Kaian (344)
First Appearance: 2: Fruits of Kaian (327.2)

The Squidy Moppet

Controlled by a similar mysterious force as the Fantoosh Tulrat, the Squidy Moppet also symbolizes its own sentient culture on Kaian. At least, for the Earth children, this is all they know of that race, the Shuvar, squid-like beings being the dominant lifeform of Kaian's vast oceans (salt water covering nearly nine of ten parts of the planet's surface). The Shuvarkind are characterized by a haughtiness and assumptive character that upsets the Tulrats. The Squidy Moppet and the Fantoosh Tulrat are together an amalgam of their charges' rivalry on Kaian, but a representative of just how widely the story of Lor'Avvu touched all forms of life in their world.

Comics: 20
Recent Appearance: Introduction (18.1)
First Appearance: Introduction (10.2)


Ilon's kæther (hence his children's grandkæther)

Comics: 18
Recent Appearance: 2: Fruits of Kaian (296.2)
First Appearance: 1: Strange Companions (10.1)


Infamous President of Pærth City and vice commander of its army.

Comics: 15
Recent Appearance: 2: Fruits of Kaian (323.2)
First Appearance: 1: Strange Companions (27.2)


Georgia's left hand commander.

Comics: 15
Recent Appearance: 2: Fruits of Kaian (342.2)
First Appearance: 2: Fruits of Kaian (327.2)


One of the milder pests of the spirit world, Wreods are not as powerful as one would imagine a vampiric entity to be, nor are they quite as intelligent as their banter may imply. Powered seemingly by the insults and irritation they communicate by, Wreods may be either magically composed of the trashed thoughts of a living sentient, or embody the surprisingly acid wit of an otherwise ineffectual one.

Comics: 10
Recent Appearance: 1: Strange Companions (69.2)
First Appearance: 1: Strange Companions (6.2)

Sisterhood of The Fenzarthol

The Sisterhood of the Fenzarthol consider themselves adoptive daughters of a Goddess who can only be referred to by the inaccurate name Fenzara. If She is referred to by true name, the person who speaks the name will die. The name is kept a closely guarded secret, and carefully coded fragments of it constitute the Sisterhood’s immensely powerful spell book. There is a warrior class of the Sisterhood that goes by a different name.

Comics: 9
Recent Appearance: 1: Strange Companions (71.1)
First Appearance: 1: Strange Companions (8.1)


Siri is a feminine lore, partner of Aderik and Dzusha.

Comics: 9
Recent Appearance: 2: Fruits of Kaian (344)
First Appearance: 2: Fruits of Kaian (333.2)


Ilon's leefer (or liifer) who was raised as a girl, and died in an accident.

Comics: 9
Recent Appearance: 2: Fruits of Kaian (295.2)
First Appearance: 1: Strange Companions (20.1)


Sub-Deities of Kaian's Gods. Distinguished by the "œ" character as a reminder of the hierarchy. Their bosses, the Gods of Kaian are a bit like a council of archetypical mostly genderless figures collectively describing the balance of moods and personalities of their planethead, which are also representatives from the Great Council of the Cosmos. They are as dangerous as the very works of nature herself, but perhaps just as forced by circumstance as any other sentient life. Their Sub-Deities are the Gœd powers that manifest on Kaian to do their mystical work. (See the introductory animation for Chapter 1)

Comics: 8
Recent Appearance: 2: Fruits of Kaian (300)
First Appearance: Lor'Avvu Prelude (Introduction to Chapter 1)


Head Commander of Pærth City's dangerous army.

Comics: 6
Recent Appearance: 2: Fruits of Kaian (316.1)
First Appearance: 1: Strange Companions (79.2)


Ilon and Ethr's older brother Miga who succumbed to the battlewaves.

Comics: 6
Recent Appearance: Wave Riders
First Appearance: 1: Strange Companions (9.1)


Mysterious beings of Trurpland, the islands that divide and stitch together the Western East and the Eastern West — considered "the back of the planet".

Comics: 4
Recent Appearance: 1: Strange Companions (12.2)
First Appearance: Lor'Avvu Prelude (Introduction to Chapter 1)


Comics: 3
Recent Appearance: 2: Fruits of Kaian (329.2)
First Appearance: 2: Fruits of Kaian (327.2)

Doctor Lund

The most powerful woman in Pærth City, Doctor Lund serves as active director of intelligence for military application.

Comics: 3
Recent Appearance: 1: Strange Companions (86.1)
First Appearance: 1: Strange Companions (40.1)

Lemoform Shades

A kind of wrath version of a zombie — the lemoform shade restlessly wanders the lands to which it is bound, seeking and stealing away one's thoughts. Due to the emotionally disturbing effects of encountering them, they are best avoided, particularly if one harbors any secrets one would like to keep secret.

Comics: 3
Recent Appearance: 1: Strange Companions (33.3)
First Appearance: 1: Strange Companions (33.1)


The spiritual leader of the World Temple.

Comics: 2
Recent Appearance: 2: Fruits of Kaian (274.2)
First Appearance: 2: Fruits of Kaian (274.1)


A slightly twisted, freethinking slave from Ondo.

Comics: 2
Recent Appearance: 1: Strange Companions (37.1)
First Appearance: 1: Strange Companions (36.3)


The Gods are determiners of the fate of the great system of Kaian and surrounding bodies.

Comics: 2
Recent Appearance: 2: Fruits of Kaian (300)
First Appearance: Lor'Avvu Prelude (Introduction to Chapter 1)


An eccentric artist friend of the family.

Comics: 2
Recent Appearance: 1: Strange Companions (93)
First Appearance: 1: Strange Companions (92)


These vaguely crystalline beings appear to be from a parallel world or system that has growing interactivity with the world of Kaian.

Comics: 1
Only Appearance: 1: Strange Companions (64.1)

Faerie Performers

Faerie beings with an extra close relationship to the elements, telling their history of Lor'Avvu through props, gadgets and, perhaps, just a few mystical powers.

Comics: 1
Only Appearance: Lor'Avvu Prelude (Introduction to Chapter 1)


The AllGods are a mysterious benevolent force above the Gods of Kaian, who must somehow determine Kaian's role in the universe

Comics: 1
Only Appearance: Lor'Avvu Prelude (Introduction to Chapter 1)


The man partner of Dzusha and Siri.

Comics: 1
Only Appearance: 2: Fruits of Kaian (267.2)


Serious and respected "take charge" Anarchist. Being controversial is his comfort zone.

Comics: 1
Only Appearance: 1: Strange Companions (74)

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List of Credits

In zetalphical order. Please use your browser’s page search feature(s) to locate particular credits.

Zach Tauer

as Aop & Spirit of Grandkaether
“Aop’s Song” Writer, Composer, Lead Vocals & Banjo
Banjo & Co-Writing on “Aop’s Theme”

Yelena Oosting

as Faerie Voice
Artist & Assistant Animator on “Strain of the Jeenare” sequence

Xiaolu Wang

as Spirit Voices
Voice of the Vuul Dictionary

Trisha Sue

as Spirit Voices

Simon “Shack” Hytten

Lor’Avvu Overture Mixing, Production, Recording, African Drums & Additional Percussion

ShaVunda Horsley

as Worj, Councilmember of Had & Spirit Voices

Rachel Westhoff

as Spirit Voices
Lead Co-Composer of the Faerie Suite
Keys & Co-Writing on “Gather! Gather!”, “Seed of Hate”, “Volunteer”, “Tenuous Happiness”, “Paradise”, “Place of Honesty”, “A Little Misunderstanding”, and “Lore Suite”

Paige Carlson

Additional Voice of the Ondoko Dictionary

Nicholas P. Moen

as Conspector of the All-Gods
Lead Co-Composer of the Faerie Suite
Keys & Co-Writing on “Gather! Gather!”, “Seed of Hate”, “Volunteer”, “Tenuous Happiness”, “Paradise”, “Place of Honesty”, “A Little Misunderstanding”, and “Lore Suite”

Nels Shafer

as Spirit Voices

Melissa Weaver

Voice of the Ondoko Dictionary
Lead Field Researcher of Ondoko Fae
Co-writing on “Sonia’s Theme”, “Ilon’s Theme”, and “Out of Balance”

Megan “Nutmeg” McCrumb

as Sonia & Spirit of Grandmother
Lead Composer of the Lor’Avvu Overture
Lead Vocals on “Wave Riders”
“Grandmother’s Dream” Writer, Composer, Lead Vocals & Guitar
“Kaian’s Theme” Co-Writer & Keys
Guitar & Co-writing on “Lor’Avvu Overture”, “Sonia’s Theme”, “Ilon’s Theme”, “Honor the Gift”, “Paradise”, “Place of Honesty”, “Disharmony”, “Volunteer”, “Tenuous Happiness”, “Out of Balance”, “A Little Misunderstanding”, “Trickster Speaks”, “Divider”, “Aop’s Theme”, “To Kaian”, “Kaian’s Plea” and “Wave Riders”

Kay “Krystal”

as Spirit Voices


Synth Solo on “Wave Riders”

Julia Winkels

as Spirit Voices

Jon Terry

as Faerie Elder

Jilla Nadimi

as Spirit Voices

Jamie Couper

as Spirit of Laughter

Gerald Prokop

“Strain of the Jeenare” Arrangement, Writer, Electric Guitar, Drums, Percussion & Keys
Recording, Mixing, Production & Electric Guitar on the Lor’Avvu Overture & Faerie Suite

Donn Ha

Keys, Bass, Recording & Production on “Don’t Give Up” & Incidental Music for Act I

Daniel Pieterovic

as Faerie Voice

Chiji Ochiagha

as Tuusk, Councilmember of Had & Spirit Voices

Charles Clement Lehnen

“Avvu’s Theme” Writer & Guitar
Guitar & Co-writing on “Heroi Theme”, “Lore Suite”, “Divider”, “Trickster Speaks”, “Gather! Gather!” & “Adventure’s End”

Brandon Newberg

as Spirit Voices
Voice Recording

Benjamin Thunderbolt

as Spirit Voices

Anna Glusker

as Messenger Spirit

Alberto Gloria

Lead Writer/Creator/Composer on “Wave Riders”
Lead Vocals and Instruments on “Wave Riders”

Adam ten Bensel

as Ilon & Spirit of Grandfather

[ Anonymous ]

Various Creative Contributions

Additional Thanks and Credits

We all owe each other a debt of gratitude for sharing and co-creating with one another in RL (i.e. the real world). Perhaps if we can learn an attitude like that, in realistic proportion to what’s actually going on, Earth life can improve in some small way. This story could not and cannot be told as accurately (or as beautifully) without the help of so many influences and inspirations. Our families — whomever we consider that to be — must be thanked and I need to thank mine for everything. Linguists and historians in my life (Crooks, Harkness, Megarry, Downey, Bratton) and in writing (Pinker’s The Language Instinct, Ridley’s The Red Queen, Eisler’s The Chalice and the Blade, DeLoria’s God is Red, Williams’ Savage Anxieties, writings of Stendhal, Tolstoy and many more) helped me develop the languages and cultures of Kaian to my rudimentary academic satisfaction. Artists and performers close to me (Sabo, Lehnen, McCrumb, Sievert, Schlosser, Stall) and to my heart (pop, folk and experimental musicians, animators, animation directors; Theater Nest, In The Heart of the Beast, Open Eye Theater) have provided song, magic and inspiration to me. Finally, and not least, the Internet community gives apparently unprecedented access to the opinions, views and reflections of a good chunk of the masses – to which I humbly and proudly belong. It has changed the meaning of society, of populism and of the possibilities of art – and so this “comic book” with interspersed “musical numbers” has launched and I am left without simpler words for its artform. It joins many other experimental works in the vague (but importantly broad) category of “interactive art”.

Hopefully, the effect is a reflection on different states of real life; sometimes, life feels like a comic strip; sometimes, life feels like a musical; and perhaps, sometimes life feels like its storyteller is using a jarring combination of media.

And of course, thank you!