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Official 2017 Selection of the hyper hybrid festival in München, Germany

Film Bar Arizona Filmmakers Showcase, November 2017

In the introduction, Grandma, Grandpa, the Squiddy Moppet and the Fantoosh Tulrat were just telling us about a lale gendered faerie being named Avvu, who had once been known as a hero (or heroil, as their ‘gendered’ title may be) on the mystical planet of Kaian.

Meanwhile, on a faerie plane, others have their own version of the tale …

16 minutes, 24 seconds

Lor’Avvu Track 1: “Strain of the Jeenare”

Artist Highlight

Gerald Prokop

Gerald Prokop is the creative spark of Dalmatian Toadflax, an expertly produced electronic dance band that also plays live shows, based in Minnesota. It has a psychedelic haunting delight. Together with various artists, their work under his direction is a beautiful revival and expansion of the shoegazing sound pioneered by post-punk 1980’s groups like My Bloody Valentine and other early influences of genres we know today as things related to Radiohead or Noise. But Toadflax (or as Gerald likes to abbreviate it D.M.T.) is a celebration of the human push-pull experience of abstraction and clarity. It seems a better genius could not have been summoned to co-write a sequence about being thrown into the experience of planetary life.

Check them out:

“Strain of the Jeenare” features:

Gerald on Electric Guitar, Percussion, Drums, Keys and Recording
Simon on African Drums and Recording
Maxeem on Bass Keys and Toy Drum

Written by Gerald Prokop, Maxeem Konrardy, Megan McCrumb and Simon Hytten
Produced by Gerald Prokop, Simon Hytten and Maxeem Konrardy

Additional Credits

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Voice Talent

In order of appearance.

The Faerie Performers

The Faerie Performers

Jon Terry

as Faerie Elder

Yelena Oosting

as Additional Faerie Voice

Daniel Pieterovic

as Additional Faerie Voice


The Council of Had

Rachel Westhoff

Grandkaether’s Spirit of Stewardship

Benjamin Thunderbolt

Divider’s Conspector

ben agen
Trickster’s Love

and Additional Voices

Xiaolu Wang

Grandma’s Attention

and Additional Voices

Julia Winkels

Grandfather’s Minister of Repair

and Additional Voices

Megan “Nutmeg” McCrumb

Spirit of Grandmother’s Grace

Adam ten Bensel

Spirit of Grandfather’s Experience

Zach Tauer

Spirit of Grandkaether’s Care

ShaVunda Horsley

Spirit of Divider-Trickster Cusp

and Additional Spirit Voices

Jamie Couper

Spirit of Laughter

Chiji Ochiagha

Spirit of Grower’s Stability

and Additional Spirit Voices

Nels Shafer

Spirit of Maturity

and Additional Spirit Voices

Jilla Nadimi

Spirit of Councils

and Additional Spirit Voices

Trisha Sue

Spirit of Justice

Kay “Krystal”

Spirit of Drama

Anna Glusker

Messenger Spirit

Nicholas P. Moen

Conspector of the All-Gods

[ Anonymous ]

Various Voices


Music & Sound

Megan “Nutmeg” McCrumb

Lead Composer of the Lor’Avvu Overture
“Grandmother’s Dream” Writer, Composer, Lead Vocals & Guitar
“Kaian’s Theme” Co-Writer & Keys
Guitar & Co-writing on “Lor’Avvu Overture”, “Sonia’s Theme”, “Ilon’s Theme”, “Honor the Gift”, “Paradise”, “Place of Honesty”, “Disharmony”, “Volunteer”, “Tenuous Happiness”, “Out of Balance”, “A Little Misunderstanding”, “Trickster Speaks”, “Divider”, “Aop’s Theme”, “To Kaian” and “Kaian’s Plea”

Gerald Prokop

“Strain of the Jeenare” Arrangement, Writer, Electric Guitar, Drums, Percussion & Keys
Recording, Mixing, Production & Electric Guitar on the Lor’Avvu Overture & Faerie Suite

Rachel Westhoff

Lead Co-Composer of the Faerie Suite
Keys & Co-Writing on “Gather! Gather!”, “Seed of Hate”, “Volunteer”, “Tenuous Happiness”, “Paradise”, “Place of Honesty”, “A Little Misunderstanding”, and “Lore Suite”

Nicholas P. Moen

Lead Co-Composer of the Faerie Suite
Keys & Co-Writing on “Gather! Gather!”, “Seed of Hate”, “Volunteer”, “Tenuous Happiness”, “Paradise”, “Place of Honesty”, “A Little Misunderstanding”, and “Lore Suite”

Charles Clement Lehnen

“Avvu’s Theme” Writer & Guitar
Guitar & Co-writing on “Heroi Theme”, “Lore Suite”, “Divider”, “Trickster Speaks”, “Gather! Gather!” & “Adventure’s End”

Melissa Weaver

Co-writing on “Sonia’s Theme”, “Ilon’s Theme”, and “Out of Balance”

Zach Tauer

Banjo & Co-Writing on “Aop’s Theme”

Simon “Shack” Hytten

Lor’Avvu Overture Mixing, Production, Recording, African Drums & Additional Percussion

Donn Ha

Keys, Bass, Recording & Production on “Don’t Give Up” & Incidental Music

Brandon Newberg

Voice Recording and Production

[ Anonymous ]

Various Creative Contributions


Animation & Illustration

Yelena Oosting

Artist & Assistant Animator on “Strain of the Jeenare” sequence

[ Anonymous ]

Various Creative Contributions

Personal Thanks

Huge gratitude to all my friends, family and loved ones. You are my support network even when we’re not midwifing a planet.

Thank you to the Penneys for everything. This animation could not have been completed without your unprecedented help and patience. Thank you Susan for your support. Thank you to Mom for the incredible support during the last month of rendering, animating and re-rendering. Thank you to those animation festival organizers that sent encouraging rejection letters and to those that were willing to give consideration to something as strange as this. Thank you to those creatives in Phoenix for your interest and attention, and to FilmBar for the DCP help and the awesome theatrical premiere. Thank you to the festival officials of hyper hybrid in Munich, Germany for a wonderfully appropriate venue for the public European premiere.

And thank you especially to my partner for her companionship on so many levels, even during the surely trying times when I was attached to the computer for months.

Thank you to the mysterious and wonderful ones for everything you do.

Source Files

Flash (FLA, SWF), GIMP (XCF) and other files used in the creation of this video are available right here, so that anyone may open them and look “behind the scenes” and examine the files, especially for educational uses and/or study. The estimated storage space to store all the files would be a general minimum of 5 gigabytes, and upwards of 10 gigabytes. For the time being, here is a limited archive, which previews the sorts of files we’d love to put in a thorough public repository. Please enjoy!