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List of Credits

In zetalphical order. Please use your browser’s page search feature(s) to locate particular credits.

Zach Tauer

as Aop & Spirit of Grandkaether
“Aop’s Song” Writer, Composer, Lead Vocals & Banjo
Banjo & Co-Writing on “Aop’s Theme”

Yelena Oosting

as Faerie Voice
Artist & Assistant Animator on “Strain of the Jeenare” sequence

Xiaolu Wang

as Spirit Voices
Voice of the Vuul Dictionary

Trisha Sue

as Spirit Voices

Simon “Shack” Hytten

Lor’Avvu Overture Mixing, Production, Recording, African Drums & Additional Percussion

ShaVunda Horsley

as Worj, Councilmember of Had & Spirit Voices

Rachel Westhoff

as Spirit Voices
Lead Co-Composer of the Faerie Suite
Keys & Co-Writing on “Gather! Gather!”, “Seed of Hate”, “Volunteer”, “Tenuous Happiness”, “Paradise”, “Place of Honesty”, “A Little Misunderstanding”, and “Lore Suite”

Paige Carlson

Additional Voice of the Ondoko Dictionary

Nicholas P. Moen

as Conspector of the All-Gods
Lead Co-Composer of the Faerie Suite
Keys & Co-Writing on “Gather! Gather!”, “Seed of Hate”, “Volunteer”, “Tenuous Happiness”, “Paradise”, “Place of Honesty”, “A Little Misunderstanding”, and “Lore Suite”

Nels Shafer

as Spirit Voices

Melissa Weaver

Voice of the Ondoko Dictionary
Lead Field Researcher of Ondoko Fae
Co-writing on “Sonia’s Theme”, “Ilon’s Theme”, and “Out of Balance”

Megan “Nutmeg” McCrumb

as Sonia & Spirit of Grandmother
Lead Composer of the Lor’Avvu Overture
“Grandmother’s Dream” Writer, Composer, Lead Vocals & Guitar
“Kaian’s Theme” Co-Writer & Keys
Guitar & Co-writing on “Lor’Avvu Overture”, “Sonia’s Theme”, “Ilon’s Theme”, “Honor the Gift”, “Paradise”, “Place of Honesty”, “Disharmony”, “Volunteer”, “Tenuous Happiness”, “Out of Balance”, “A Little Misunderstanding”, “Trickster Speaks”, “Divider”, “Aop’s Theme”, “To Kaian” and “Kaian’s Plea”

Kay “Krystal”

as Spirit Voices

Julia Winkels

as Spirit Voices

Jon Terry

as Faerie Elder

Jilla Nadimi

as Spirit Voices

Jamie Couper

as Spirit of Laughter

Gerald Prokop

“Strain of the Jeenare” Arrangement, Writer, Electric Guitar, Drums, Percussion & Keys
Recording, Mixing, Production & Electric Guitar on the Lor’Avvu Overture & Faerie Suite

Donn Ha

Keys, Bass, Recording & Production on “Don’t Give Up” & Incidental Music for Act I

Daniel Pieterovic

as Faerie Voice

Chiji Ochiagha

as Tuusk, Councilmember of Had & Spirit Voices

Charles Clement Lehnen

“Avvu’s Theme” Writer & Guitar
Guitar & Co-writing on “Heroi Theme”, “Lore Suite”, “Divider”, “Trickster Speaks”, “Gather! Gather!” & “Adventure’s End”

Brandon Newberg

as Spirit Voices
Voice Recording

Benjamin Thunderbolt

as Spirit Voices

Anna Glusker

as Messenger Spirit

Adam ten Bensel

as Ilon & Spirit of Grandfather

[ Anonymous ]

Various Creative Contributions

Additional Thanks and Credits

We all owe each other a debt of gratitude for sharing and co-creating with one another in RL (i.e. the real world). Perhaps if we can learn an attitude like that, in realistic proportion to what’s actually going on, Earth life can improve in some small way. This story could not and cannot be told as accurately (or as beautifully) without the help of so many influences and inspirations. Our families — whomever we consider that to be — must be thanked and I need to thank mine for everything. Linguists and historians in my life (Crooks, Harkness, Megarry, Downey, Bratton) and in writing (Pinker’s The Language Instinct, Ridley’s The Red Queen, Eisler’s The Chalice and the Blade, DeLoria’s God is Red, Williams’ Savage Anxieties, writings of Stendhal, Tolstoy and many more) helped me develop the languages and cultures of Kaian to my rudimentary academic satisfaction. Artists and performers close to me (Sabo, Lehnen, McCrumb, Sievert, Schlosser, Stall) and to my heart (pop, folk and experimental musicians, animators, animation directors; Theater Nest, In The Heart of the Beast, Open Eye Theater) have provided song, magic and inspiration to me. Finally, and not least, the Internet community gives apparently unprecedented access to the opinions, views and reflections of a good chunk of the masses – to which I humbly and proudly belong. It has changed the meaning of society, of populism and of the possibilities of art – and so this “comic book” with interspersed “musical numbers” has launched and I am left without simpler words for its artform. It joins many other experimental works in the vague (but importantly broad) category of “interactive art”.

Hopefully, the effect is a reflection on different states of real life; sometimes, life feels like a comic strip; sometimes, life feels like a musical; and perhaps, sometimes life feels like its storyteller is using a jarring combination of media.

And of course, thank you!