Kaian aka Pan aka Mænd

… is a planet like our own, except more. It’s older. It’s bigger. It’s bluer. It’s more watery.

It is also less. Less populated by humanoids, less diverse in civilizations, less alone in the universe. Less green (but no less overgrown – the dominant color of plants on Kaian is purple!)

Kaian is the largest character in Lor’Avvu. It has gone through many stages of rebalancing, from extinctions, cataclysms and wars to great evolutions, cosmic performances and incredible dances on its global stage. It has thoroughly come to terms with its history of interactions with all the strange bodies, spirits and worlds who’ve paid it a visit. Yet, the family of creatures embodying Kaian’s ecosystem have not quite reached a balanced relationship with Kaian’s whim.

A great act of equilibrium is in order.


Kaian life has a phantom anatomy, as if the future were peeking through the ecosystem. Strange things happen more often here – or you could say the natural order is a bit more chaotic. Inexplicable abilities, hauntings and lights in the sky are not denied as much as they are perceived as mundanely inaccessible. Sure you can fly once in a while, but who can control when or why? Thoughts and changes are more apt to be attributed to spirits known as DJEMA (DjEH-ma). These spirits are by no means anthropomorphized; their alien nature is too apparent. On the other hand, your missing glasses did not sprout legs and walk off. You just misplaced them. Did you check the top of your head?

Continents and Transporation

Kaian is said to be made up of islands – large and small – scattered in an expanding spiral from the North Pole to the South. Jets, airships, balloons, sailing vessels and cruisers move in politically aware circles about the surface. The largest continent, the frozen “ice cap” Meliga, is all but abandoned to a frigid deathgrip of itself.

A strip of islands dominated by the mysterious Iyoiith separates and intrudes on fairie settlements. The remainder of the world is increasingly charted — and seemingly coveted — by the most privileged of the dominant species of Kaian …