Ex Novo Libris (Compendium)


Sci-Fi / Comedy / Adult

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500+ page definitive compendium of the “Ex Novo Libris” saga — a deep space opera comedy with the gritty black-and-white flavor of underground 80’s comics. Not recommended for children.


Page Color: White
Ink Color: Black
Page Count: 588
Dimensions: Standard Sized Trade Paperback (About 6 5/8″ x 10 1/8″)
Features: Sleek “single read” design without distracting elements save for a few handsome section breaks

Everyone has to cut their teeth on a fiercely independent 1980’s era underground comic one day. I just happened to do it by making one that nearly drove me insane. Don’t ask me to tell you what it all means, but it has a lot of amusing arguments, cussing and weird characters.

On the surface, the plot revolves around two immortal lovers whose attempts to understand humanity’s role in the universe based on their incarnation as brothers in ancient China resulted in Christianity and furries. After 2004 years of cosmic estrangement, they reunite in the afterlife to reconcile their conflict by causing additional trauma to Earth in the form of Armageddon and a great deal of miscommunication. Somehow, this also ends up being funny instead of completely horrifying.

I associate the decade long creation process (from 2000 to 2010) as a blur of gradually improving skill, teen angst, anarchist disappointment with all religions and systems of thought, Kurt Vonnegut Mad magazine anti-Hollywood reactionism and The Tick-inspired superhero parody and cultural satire.

This compendium volume is the story content arranged in the original 11 issues plus the epilogue, wrapped together in a “single read” tome. For the same story but with slightly more of the original context, filler materials and bonus content see separate deluxe volumes Book One and Book Two.

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