Ex Novo Libris: Book One: Poop-Monkey: A Love Story


Sci-Fi / Comedy / Adult

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Book One in the complete compilations of the “Ex Novo Libris” saga — James and June meet at a dog show and fall in love, which is precisely what an ancient evil has planned all along …

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Page Color: White
Ink Color: Black
Page Count: 244
Dimensions: Standard Sized Trade Paperback (About 6 5/8″ x 10 1/8″)
Features: Original behind-the-scenes material, bonus illustration by Anna Bratton (Doctor Who: Short Trips) & color cover collection on inside cover

Who is God? What does He want? What is His ultimate plan for you?

Turns out that megachurch preacher on TV is actually God in disguise. And He’s very very angry. And somewhat horny. And he wants you for his robot slave army in the afterlife. His word is coming to an unambitious shallow manchild named James, who just wants to score with the amnesiac cyborg angel of death he thinks is his girlfriend.

But God’s twisted scheme is about to collide with his furious ex — and She has a plan of Her own for the universe. Just who is a pawn of whom? Why? Where? And when? (Did we mention what?) You’ve come this far to know, and knowing shall set you free.

This trade is compiled from the 6 issues of Poop-Monkey: A Love Story, which comprised the first of two parts of the Ex Novo Libris saga along with bonus material. For the conclusion see Book Two, or consider ordering the entire story in the single stripped-down Compendium.

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Dimensions 6.625 × .5 × 10.125 in