Lor’Avvu : Volume One


In this debut hardback trade the opening tales are assembled in order:

Introduction to Act I (introduction web comic)
Prelude (animation Lor’Avvu Prelude as a comic!)
Chapter 1: Strange Companions

Bonus content includes a Faerie glossary featuring English, Ondoko, Old Lore and New Ancient Lore words; and a world map tracking the movement of the strange companions across Kaian.


— Casey Van Heel, Comic and Comedy Writer


— Charles Lehnen, Biologist


— Rachel Westhoff, Designer


— Brandon Newberg, Game Designer and Historian


“Lor’Avvu” (or Miss/Sir Avvu in the lale gender) is a fantasy adventure written and illustrated by Maxeem, with help from a team of friends bringing sounds and life to the story at LorAvvu.com. The story is a Free Cultural Work made out of love for life and creativity.

Lor’Avvu : Volume One (Letter Edition)
Format: 226 Pages
Paper Color: White glossy
Ink Color: Full Color (CMYK)
Dimensions: 8 1/2″ x 11″

*If you are interested in a signed copy, please let me know at the same time you place your order.

The dominant species of Jeenare fae are destroying their home planet Kaian! The great AllGods must resort to the skills of an enigmatic volunteer entity from another system for help. Yet, when the sub-deities go to Kaian they find their promise to birth and raise the volunteer is overwhelmed by the situation.

This is the first volume in the epic of Lor’Avvu.

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Dimensions 8.5 × .75 × 11 in