The Civil Four : Book One


In the first paperback trade, all four debut issues from the origin story arc are presented in brand new RetroTone color by the indefatigable writer, along with all the original bonus content and a cover collection. For those who want to read the story like the Silver Age comics it pays tribute to, this is your perfect edition!

“An-action packed, ridiculous mash-up of Lee and Kirby with Lee and Grant. Van Heel and Maxeem provide us with an important reminder that in addition to being America’s greatest president, Abraham Lincoln was also a formidable wrestler.”

— Steve Stwalley


“The Civil Four” is a loving parody of American mythology xeroxed through the prism of period-piece periodicals (with fake ads) and the bombastic, ham-fisted storytelling of Silver Age Comic Books. Don’t be shocked if America’s dark foundations are opposed by an electrically reanimated reformed warlord Abraham Lincoln, a freedom fighting spell casting femme fatale Harriet Tubman, an exosuit-enchanced inebriate U.S. Grant, or tall tale-telling son of the soil Johnny Appleseed.

Maxeem’s meticulously reproduced illustrations are inked with traditional brush and pen, enhanced by Casey Van Heel’s colors, while his elegant hand lettering provides the medium for brilliantly funny scripts by Casey. It’s all dysfunctional good guys vs. demonic bad guys in this steampunk Western of supernatural hijinks, science fiction surprises, gritty paper dolls and more than a few farcical puns!

The Civil Four : Book One
Format: 138 Pages
Paper Color: White glossy
Ink Color: Full Color (CMYK)
Dimensions: 6 5/8″ x 10 1/4″

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A mysterious note spares Lincoln from the bullet of crooked schemer John Wilkes Booth, only to give Honest Abe an honest hanging by successor General Lee. Meanwhile a conspiracy led by the master of Black Magic & White Power known only as “The Dandy” takes control of the newly risen racist nation.

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Dimensions 6.7 × .3 × 10.25 in