The Civil Four Playing Cards (Digital Print-at-home Deck)


The official playing card deck for “The Civil Four” variations on cribbage, hearts, rummy and more. Plus, they double as ordinary playing cards!

This product item is the digital version of the deck, which allows you to print and order the cards using your own methods. (But a simple “how to” print our deck with is in the included README file!)

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This card game is based on our comic “The Civil Four”, a superhero parody of American mythology. Learn more in the description of Issue 1.

Besides playing as an ordinary poker-sized deck of Spades, Diamonds, Hearts and Clubs (and two Jokers) the deck has visual features that add an extra element of fun.

Jacks, Queens, Kings and Aces include special power pips for Intelligence, Might and Magic. For game rules that use these special properties visit:

Clubs and Diamonds serve as Gray and Blue civil war generals, with some strange and humorous twists on history. While Hearts and Spades are the Blue and Gray logistics cards to aid good and evil with other forces and items.

Rules are easy to learn and fun to play!

This digital item allows you to print the cards yourself. We suggest the good folks at SuperiorPOD. For a nice printed edition of our deck with a custom tuck-box please see this item.

Questions? Feel free to ask!